Discretionary Management Service

Our discretionary Managed service is designed for clients who wish us to carry out every aspect of portfolio management on their behalf. This allows you to hand over the day to day running of your portfolio to our experienced Wealth Managers who will monitor and make investment decisions on your behalf, providing you with peace of mind and freedom from the administrative burden that comes with running a portfolio.

Firstly we take the time to understand the purpose of your investment portfolio as well as your financial circumstances and attitude towards investments and investment risk.

This enables us to expertly create customised portfolios and manage the portfolio in line with your financial aims and longer term objectives.

On a regular basis discretionary clients receive:

  • A valuation of the portfolio
  • A summary of performance
  • A comparison of the return measured against the appropriate index
  • Transaction, cash and corporate action statements
  • Tax year end schedules

Advisory Service

If you are interested in the stock market but would like more support and guidance or are new to investing in stocks and shares, an Advisory Service might be more suited to you.

Your investment adviser will ensure they understand your objectives, risk appetite and end goals and will help you to make informed investment decisions however the final decision will ultimately be made by you.

We offer advice on any of our products, as listed on our products page.

Execution Only Service

If you would like to take full control of your investment decisions, without the advice from our Investment Advisors, an Execution Only Service might work for you.

Our Dealers have access to multiple execution venues and are available to execute your trading instructions,, with the aim of obtaining the best price possible.