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Back In Town 18/8/2020

2020-08-18T09:24:01+01:00August 18th, 2020|Blog|

Back In Town An unscheduled visit to the office on Thursday, necessitated by a thunderbolt blowing out the internet for most of the village on Wednesday evening, allowed me to see how the capital is recovering. I was pleasantly surprised by the numbers out and about but sad to see so many small enterprises closed. Train services are half what they were and not that full and, although the majority wore [...]

Chinese Cracker 14/07/2020

2020-07-14T11:57:46+01:00July 14th, 2020|Blog|

The Chinese stock market seems impervious to the travails of China itself, ignoring the ongoing war of words with Donald Trump on trade, the global pressures to rid the West of Huawei’s involvement in its infrastructure, accusations of misinformation re the Coronavirus origins in Wuhan, worldwide contempt for its stance on Hong Kong and much else beside. Indeed, the louder the global anti-China rhetoric becomes the greater heights the stock market [...]

Summer Madness 29/06/2020

2020-06-29T13:40:38+01:00June 29th, 2020|Blog|

I suggested in my last blog that unlocking the economy would be the biggest of several gambles the government has been forced to take with this awful pandemic. If the gamble fails, a second spike emerges and a second lockdown were to become necessary, the damage would be far worse than the economy has sustained thus far. There is just no way the government could repeat the emergency cash measures taken [...]

Covid Catch-Up 29/5/2020

2020-05-29T12:03:06+01:00May 29th, 2020|Blog|

Views on the global economy, driven as ever by those on the US economy, started with a potential “V” shaped recovery, moved through thoughts of a reverse “tick” and then onto a “U” shape with an extended bottom. The stock market, particularly the US, has pretty much missed out the tick and the U and has convinced itself that its own recovery will be V shaped. So is this possible? The [...]