The guiding principle for Dowgate is to back proven entrepreneurs and help their small & medium-sized businesses to grow. As an essential part of this process, Dowgate Capital provides corporate-sponsored research that is freely available to all institutional investors.

We provide corporate-sponsored research for companies to whom we act as corporate broker. Our written research comprises detailed initiations of coverage that give a clear explanation of the drivers and dynamics of the companies that we cover. In addition, we produce regular update notes that keep investors informed of corporate newsflow including results announcements and corporate developments, for example acquisitions.

We construct our profit estimates on a prudent basis, while providing sensitivity analyses to illustrate the upside from, for example, stronger than forecast organic growth or acquisitions. We produce a regular Guide to Fair Value that provides key valuation metrics for the companies we cover in addition to their peer group. Our analysts are readily available for calls and meetings to discuss our corporate stocks along with their peer group and industry to provide a wider context, thereby providing an in-depth resource for institutional investors.

Our research department dovetails with our Investor Relations department to aid investor targeting and ensure that the investment case for companies under coverage reaches the widest possible audience.